Interactive Books
on your iPhone & iPad.

About us

At Yasmin Studios we believe children's books should come to life. That is why we have our talented illustrators who
come from a background of designing children's books, focus on utilizing the mobile devices such as the iPad/iPhone to create the animations children will love! At Yasmin Studios, we get children involved by having them play with the books prior to us releasing to the public.


» High quality, colorful, and fun illustrations to enhance children's aesthetic.
» Audio Narration: Sweet audio narration by a lovely princess voice.
» Animation Interactivity: Touch the characters or objects and see them come to life!
» Coloring: Chose to color the page using the colorful palette pad.
» Page Turning: Turn the page manually or start in auto play mode to turn the pages automatically.
» Bookmark: Bookmark a page to come back to it later on.

Interactive Books

At Yasmin Studios we not only publish our own creations, we work
with other authors, illustrators and publishers all over the world.
If you are an author or illustrator of books and would like to publish your content to the iPhone/iPad platform, we can help.

Using our "Interactive Book Engine", we can easily publish your content into a iPad/iPhone book, utilizing all the features in our existing books.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today