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Why Publish with Yasmin Studios ?

Yasmin Studios is eager to cooperate with the authors, illustrators and publishers all over the world, to publish and issue multi-media electronic reading basing on the iPhone and iPad platform. Why to choose Yasmin Studios-Books?

Firstly, we have mature and excellent program support so that the authors need not to bear any fee and speed any time on program development, what he only need to do is to submit the scripts, images and sound files to us so that we can make the wonderful multi-media electronic reading and publishes on Appstore as well for sales, we also could assist to make the illustration and dub if required.

Secondly, we have established mature and successful product line and sales mode and many products are sold on Appstore, each product has an online bookshelf. If the user purchases this product and like it very much, he will purchase another product through this online bookshelf and form a linkage effect, which has been proved. For example, the book iReading-The Lion and The Mouse is listed to the second place in books ranking list after being recommended by the column "What’s New!” and as a result, the sales volume of other products are rapidly raised, which is showed in the following table:
the book.

The success of a product will leads to others !

Product Graph

In addition, we choose some products to promote for free regularly so as to raise the exposure frequency of other products. Join in our successful linkage sales mode, you don’t need to worry about the market promotion any more & your products will achieve success more easily! Now what are you waiting for? hurry up to join in us!

How to Authors cooperate with us ?



Interested in our cooperation project ? Do not hesitate now, contact us immediately to know more details:
At Yasmin Studios we not only publish our own creations, we work
with other authors, illustrators and publishers all over the world.
If you are an author or illustrator of books and would like to publish your content to the iPhone/iPad platform, we can help.

Using our "Interactive Book Engine", we can easily publish your content into a iPad/iPhone book, utilizing all the features in our existing books.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today